Google virtual zoo adds 50 new animals

Google has added new creatures to its virtual menagerie in augmented reality. 50 3D animals can be found in Google Search on mobile devices.

The full list has not yet been disclosed, but in the preview, users have already been introduced to a giraffe, a cow, a cat, a zebra, a pig, a hippopotamus and a chow-chow. And a whole flock of new dog breeds settled in Search: beagle, bulldog, Doberman, collie, corgi, pitbull, dachshund, Siberian husky, chihuahua and other cute creatures that you can even pet virtually.

To make a four-legged friend embodied in augmented reality, enter the name of your favorite animal in the Google or Chrome mobile application, scroll down the page and after the Wikipedia summary, click "Watch in 3D". To see it in the space next to you, click "Watch yourself" and then adjust the camera so that the animal does not appear, say, under the ceiling. And then nothing holds back your flight of imagination - for example, you can take a picture of a hippopotamus bathing in your bath!

Google began populating Search with 3D animals in mid-2019 and hasn't slowed down ever since, adding more instances. The company even teamed up with some archaeological museums to create 3D versions of prehistoric creatures.