In Japan, artificial intelligence tasked with selecting ideal married couples

The Japanese government has announced subsidies of $ 17 million for those prefectures that will develop artificial intelligence technologies to create strong family units. Today, half of the 47 state prefectures already have such plans, where they admitted that the previous schemes for stimulating young people to get closer to each other have not worked for a long time. It is assumed that the new AI will become an ideal matchmaker, but it will not work in the interests of young people, but to stop the rapidly growing demographic crisis in the country.

Official figures show that from 2000 to 2019, the number of marriages in Japan fell by 2 million. The fertility rate of women here is one of the lowest in the world, only 1, 36. Calculations show that by 2065 the country's population will decline to 88, 1 million people, which is one third less than in 2015. The country is not dying out, but the rapid increase in the number of old people and the proportional decline in the number of workers put Japan's well-being at risk.

The problem for the Japanese is that young people diligently ignore all attempts to motivate them to start families and give birth to as many children as possible. For example, in Saitama prefecture north of Tokyo last year, they spent $ 144, 000 for these purposes, but managed to bring together only 21 couples. Direct financial injections do not bring results, because partner selection schemes are outdated, moreover, they were initially limited. The new methodology is based on the use of AI to analyze a wide range of parameters of young people in order to literally find “two ideal halves”.

Curiosity is raised by the fact that AI is ordered to ignore the personal preferences of young people in terms of appearance, earnings, age of a potential partner, etc. Instead, couples will be matched based on physiological and emotional similarities, based on the maximum fertility of such a family and the ability to raise children. This does not mean that young people will be forced to marry, but Japan needs new citizens and AI will work towards this goal.