China prepares to launch large-scale "weather modification" system

Last week, it became known about the plans of the Chinese government to dramatically increase the use of technologies for changing the weather, in particular, seeding clouds with silver microparticles.

Cloud seeding technology has been widely used for several decades in arid countries, including China. Its essence lies in the fact that microparticles of silver are sprayed in the sky (usually from an airplane), which contribute to the condensation of water droplets and the formation of rain clouds.

According to CNN, China plans to increase the total area of ​​the zone of the experiment to change the weather by 2025 to almost 16 million square meters. km, which exceeds the territory of neighboring India. This, in turn, can lead to serious climate change in this region and even provoke a conflict with neighboring states.

Agriculture in India, which relies on seasonal monsoon rains, may be hit hardest. Obviously, the ability to control precipitation is comparable to the effect of weapons of mass destruction (in this case, climatic).

Researchers at the National Taiwan University fear that "a lack of proper coordination on weather impacts could lead to accusations of 'stealing rain' between neighboring regions."