A full-fledged park for scuba diving will appear near Miami

Diving enthusiasts in Miami are lucky to have a new attraction off the coast of Miami Beach by the end of 2021. ReefLine Park, the brainchild of the architectural bureau OMA, is conceived as an artificial reef and a space with art objects for scuba diving, stretching over 11 km. In addition to the architectural office, the Miami Beach administration and researchers from the University of Miami, the project will involve marine biologists and engineers to ensure that the project does not harm the coastal ecosystem.

The artificial reef will consist of concrete modular blocks that will be stacked on top of each other in accordance with the topographic parameters of the seabed. The newly formed reef will serve as a comfortable base for the settlement of marine life.

Several art installations will be installed at the bottom, including the authorship of the Japanese architect Shohei Shigematsu. The product of his work visually resembles an octopus or dancing spiral staircases. Like a real atoll, they will create a three-dimensional structure familiar and natural to marine life. Organically shaped multi-layered tiers should support the growth of corals on them, thus, nature will harmoniously fit into the new infrastructure.

The ReefLine will be built in stages, the first stage is scheduled to be completed in December 2021. It includes the staircase itself and the work of the Argentine conceptual artist Leandro Ehrlich called Concrete Coral - it will consist of several dozen concrete cars and trucks "stuck" in an underwater traffic jam. This composition will become a symbol of the human indiscretion that led to climate change.