US Army develops an augmented reality system for military dogs

Command Sight has begun developing a unique version of augmented reality for dogs. This is an order from the American military research structure Army Research Laboratory. The technology is not intended for all dogs, but only for those who are on duty and are forced to carry out missions in which there is a risk to their lives. If the project is completed successfully, it will be possible to talk about a fundamentally new interaction between animals and humans.

In military service, the attitude towards dogs is less sparing than in other organizations - animals are generally taken care of, but they are ready to sacrifice them if necessary. But the person who is the operator and controls the dog in a combat situation must be saved - this is an extremely valuable frame. Therefore, the Army Research Laboratory came to the concept of separating the dog and the dog handler during the mission, to the need to provide remote control of the dog from the shelter, without physical contact with the dog handler.

The existing methods were taken as a basis, when the operator gives commands not by voice, but by gestures or using a laser pointer. The developers of Command Sight are required to transfer these signals in the form of augmented reality to the dog's glasses. The glasses themselves have been used for a long time - only a new filling is needed for them, and trial versions of such a system have already shown good results.

With the help of the built-in camera, the operator can see everything that his ward animal sees and assess the situation. But the problem immediately arises - the dog perceives the world around him differently, its vision is radically different from the human. Therefore, the system of graphic pointers on the virtual display needs to be created for dogs, for which Command Sight is comprehensively studying this topic. Their main assistant in this matter is the Rottweiler Mather, which belongs to the founder of the company, Dr. A. J. Peper.