Aston Martin is ready to build you a luxury mansion for $ 7.7 million

Aston Martin has announced its readiness to begin construction of an ultra-modern mansion for connoisseurs of luxury and comfort. The cost of such a house from the designers of luxury cars will be at least $ 7, 7 million, and will be called "Sylvan Rock".

The future masterpiece of architecture, as it is called in the department of Aston Martin Partnerships, will be located on 22 hectares of private land in the Hudson Valley in New York. There is a long driveway leading to the house for luxury cars. The area of ​​the residential building is 743 sq. m., there are outbuildings, three separate guest houses, plus a forest area, with the possibility of sleeping on a platform on a tree in the open air.

The building has an angular, broken silhouette in order to blend in with the rock mass protruding from the ground. A huge area of ​​glazing, black cedar as the main material for construction, steel and leather dominate the interior - the main work on the design of the mansion was carried out at the S3 Architecture studio. The future owner has four separate bedrooms with a full-size bathroom for each, a sauna, hydro-massage, a huge wine cellar with a special rack, made to order with a stylized Aston Martin radiator grille.

But with all the visual splendor and technical saturation of the building, the main place here is the garage. Guests enter through a dedicated entrance that leads to an Aston Martin-designed exhibition pavilion where owner Sylvan Rock's cars will be located. But they will have to be bought separately, the cost of the mansion does not include cars. The company intends to build a house by the end of 2021.