Skeleton Technologies promises a graphene battery with a charging speed of 15 seconds

The Estonian company Skeleton Technologies announced the signing of a letter of intent with an unnamed car manufacturer, under which it is going to supply batteries of a new type in the amount of at least one billion euros. The novelty was called uncomplicated - SuperBattery. It was developed in collaboration with scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and features a fantastic charging speed of just 15 seconds.

Nothing is known about the capacity and other characteristics of the new batteries. Partly because this is only a technology so far, and the final product will depend on the customer's requests. SuperBattery has an array of conventional lithium-ion batteries, which can vary widely. They come with Skeleton's proprietary graphene ultracapacitors.

The idea is quite simple: you need to combine two types of batteries with opposite characteristics into a single whole. Lithium-ion modules have a huge capacity, but a low charging speed, supercapacitors have a huge charge flow rate, but an extremely low capacity. This means that if you assemble a tandem from them and operate it in the correct mode, you can have a constant supply of energy and significantly save on charging time.

Alas, in practice, it is unlikely that everything will turn out so smoothly. The SuperBattery idea clearly envisions a large number of electric refueling stations in the area of ​​the electric vehicle in order to quickly and very quickly recharge the batteries. In reality, even in developed countries there are not so many of them yet - in addition, the charging stations themselves do not support the current transfer rates that are discussed in Skeleton. Although the charging time is only 15 seconds instead of 2 hours, it looks incredibly tempting.