Welcome to the real game where you can spend other people's money

Meet Card V. Card - the world's first multi-user bank account. This is an account that many people have access to, and from which you can spend money without investing your own funds. The only catch is that 499 more people have access to it, who are trying to empty it before you.

This is how it works:

  • You register on the Card V. Card website and you are on the list of candidates for a debit card pending;
  • Each participant gets the opportunity to invite other people to the service;
  • All invitees are added to your account and recorded in the general table of participants;
  • September 17th, top 500 players will receive an email with a Card V. Card code;
  • The game itself will begin on September 21st, by this time it will be necessary to register the received code.

You can use the card for any physical (but not online) purchases, but the key rule is that you cannot go into overdraft. This wouldn't be a problem if only you had access to the account - but 499 other players have it. Each time a Card V. Card is fully depleted on the card's balance, the game will notify the participants with a text message.

The author of the game is the creative agency MSCHF, which has already been noted for the development of a dictionary game for Slack. In it, participants also received, in fact, free money, following the rules proposed by the developers. MSCHF Peru also owns an application game in which participants competed for a real prize of $ 25, 000 - to do this, you just had to keep your fingers pressed to the smartphone screen longer than other players.

It is not yet known how much MSCHF plans to deposit into the Card V. Card account, but according to its representatives, it will be much more than $ 10, 000. The game itself will continue for several months, but may end at any time. If you are ready to compete for free dollars - here is the link to register in the game (unfortunately, only US residents over 17 years old are allowed to participate in the game).