NuScale Nuclear Microreactors Recognized as Safe for Use

NuScale's low-power, small-sized nuclear power plant project has been officially declared safe by a US government regulator. The application was submitted back in 2017, and all this time the experts have meticulously studied the project. Everyone remembers the events of Fukushima and Chernobyl, in order to simply let new nuclear technology into the world without control.

The NuScale small reactor concept is based on the fact that small generation volumes do not create a significant load on the system, so it can be made much simpler. For example, there is no melt trap, instead the shield is submerged in a pool of water that is located below ground level. If the reactor fails, it will simply "go out" without evaporating the water - there will not be enough heat.

The steam generator is coil-shaped and surrounds the core in the center of the reactor. All other units are also located side by side, inside a common steel containment shell. No bulky pipelines, cranes or other systems, the reactor takes up a minimum of space and is easy to install at any facility, from factories to city buildings.

The application presents a project of a reactor with a capacity of only 50 MW, now the next model is being prepared for 60 MW. The developers note that if this is not enough for the client's purposes, several modules can be assembled into a single cascade. Or, if we are talking about a number of objects on a vast territory, supply each of them with an autonomous atomic energy source. This is a new vision for the future of global energy.