US Air Force ace to fight AI next week

Next week, the AI ​​jet fighter will face off against a US Air Force pilot in a virtual aerial duel - and you can watch it online.

The fight will be the culmination of DARPA's AlphaDogfight, which aims to improve combat AI. DARPA hopes that in the near future, algorithms will be able to take control of simple operations, freeing up pilots for more important tasks, such as controlling drone swarms.

Initially, the duel was timed to coincide with a three-day event, which was to be held in Las Vegas from August 18 to 20. However, the COVID-19 epidemic forced DARPA to move everything that happens online.

Before the AI ​​champion gets the right to face off against a live pilot, the 8 finalists of the competition will have to surpass five artificial intelligences developed at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (USA). Their task will be to recognize the weaknesses of their opponents and hide in their blind zone.

On the second day, participants will compete in a knockout tournament. The four winners will play a series of duels, as a result of which only one participant will remain. It is he who will fight the US Air Force ace in the F16 fighter simulator. All fights can be watched online - for this you need to register on the event website. Non-US residents will also need to complete the DARPA Request Form.