Unique Camping Factory The Plus is Coming Soon in Norway

The Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) architecture firm is renowned for its ability to design dual-purpose buildings. They already have a bridge-museum Twist, a power station-ski resort CopenHill - and now the furniture factory-camping The Plus will be added to them. The project was commissioned by furniture manufacturer Vestre and will be located in the village of Magnor in the forests of Norway.

The internal space of the factory will be arranged around four main production areas - a warehouse, a painting workshop, a woodworking workshop and an assembly workshop. All of them will be united by a central hub, which will house a logistics office and a forwarding center. It will also house a small, tree-lined public space that will display the latest examples of Vestre furniture. The factory plans to use smart robots and self-driving trucks.

The main feature of The Plus will be that it was originally conceived as part of a tourist route and a camping site for travelers. Visitors to the factory will be able to see all the stages of furniture production that will take place inside the building - and even climb to its plant-lined roof.

“Factory with an area of ​​6500 sq.m. will become part of a large 300-acre trekking park. It will become a local landmark and will be built in accordance with the regional green industry development plan, BIG architects say. According to them, The Plus will become the most sustainable furniture factory in the world, as well as the first industrial complex in Norway to receive the BREAM Outstanding certification.

The construction materials for the factory will be local wood species and recycled steel. The Plus will house 1200 solar panels on the roof. Surplus heat from the factory will be directed to the ice-water circuit for cooling, and a system of thermal tanks, heat pumps and energy wells will efficiently heat and cool the premises. BIG estimates that The Plus will consume at least 90% less energy than a comparable traditional factory.

Construction on The Plus should begin this year.