US to fence off Mexico with a virtual wall controlled by artificial intelligence

The US presidential administration has signed a five-year contract with Anduril Industries to build a complex of watchtowers on the US-Mexican border. By 2022, it is planned to commission at least 200 towers. The contract is worth several hundred million dollars, and the main element will be the launch of a new security AI based on Lattice AI technology.

Each tower is an autonomous facility that receives energy from solar panels and is designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day. At the top of the tower there are locators, video cameras, lidars and other sensors, the general task of which is to notice all objects that move around the border. AI is needed to analyze large amounts of data and recognize targets to provide accurate information to border guards and intelligence agencies while avoiding false alarms.

Representatives of Anduril Industries clarify that their system has limits of work - it will distinguish a person from a cow or a car, but this is where its capabilities end.