First 3D printed pseudo-meat steaks to appear in 2021

After the restrictions were lifted due to the COVID-19 quarantine, restaurants in many countries began to work again, in connection with which the demand for pseudo-meat returned. According to analysts from Barclays, this market could grow to $ 140 billion over the next decade, which is a good stimulus for the emergence of new players. One of them, Israeli startup Redefine Meat, promises to be the first to introduce a 3D-printed steak next year.

One of the main problems in the promotion of plant-based pseudo-meat is still the difficulty of its use in classic meat dishes. It's one thing to synthesize and heat-treat a shapeless, but nourishing and even healthy substance with an imitation of the taste of meat. And it is quite another to achieve a repetition of the texture, the effects of frying, the characteristic feeling of chewing the fibers of muscle tissue. Without this, pseudo-meat will remain a wonder and will not be of interest to establishments for a discerning audience.

As explained in Redefine Meat, they want to use a 3D printer just to print the complex structure of meat, to recreate fibers with a certain stiffness, improving the quality of imitation. This is an innovative approach because the leading players in the industry, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, can only mimic the texture of minced meat with starch and dyes. Atlast Food has learned to use mushrooms to mimic meat fibers, but only for lean pseudo ham. And in Redefine Meat they intend to print a full-fledged "beef" steak, which will be as similar as possible to the traditional one.