Scientists state the restoration of the ozone layer

It seems that fears about the imminent and final destruction of the Earth's ozone layer over Antarctica are not confirmed. According to the UN, the largest ozone hole has stabilized. And yet, the assessment of reputable scientists of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is rather cautious optimism than a statement of the fact of positive dynamics.

Scientists have no doubt that the stabilization of the ozone hole is the fruit of the titanic efforts of the world community to ban the use of chlorine-containing gaseous freons over the past 30-odd years.

However, the ozone problem is far from the only one. The WMO report released last week shows record levels of greenhouse gas emissions, among which carbon dioxide and methane - the waste of human life, significantly affect the climate change of the planet.

It will take many more years for the ozone layer to recover to the level of the early 1980s, according to WMO experts. To speed up this process will help the destruction of the remaining stocks of freon, still preserved in the refrigerators and fire extinguishers that have served their life.