Glasses for the detection of cancerous tumors created

Smart glasses can be used for more than just entertainment. They can also be of immense benefit to people with cancer. Of course, we are not talking about smart glasses with a multimedia set of functions, but about glasses with a diagnostic function.

American scientists from the University of Washington have developed special glasses that are intended for use during the surgical removal of tumors. They "highlight" the cancer cells in blue, which greatly facilitates the task of the oncosurgeon during the operation and reduces the risk of repeated surgery.

For the full functioning of smart glasses, the patient is injected with a special drug before the operation, the reagents of which enter all cancer cells and stain them blue. You can see this "glow" only with the help of an ultraviolet irradiator, which is built into the glasses.

The new super glasses have been successfully tested and operations with their participation will take place this month. The timing of their mass appearance in cancer centers is still unknown.