Electricity prices in Texas skyrocket by 10,000% due to unprecedented cold weather

Dan Cohan, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Rice University, USA, told CNN: “As far as electricity is concerned, what happens in Texas remains in Texas. And now it has turned around to bite us. " The icy apocalypse that rages across the region has exposed the state's longstanding energy problems. For the fourth day, millions of people are sitting not only without electricity and heat, but also without water supply, without food because of closed shops, and without a chance to leave the ice trap.

Everything broke down - due to icing, wind turbines stopped working, solar panels stopped working, gas equipment went out of order, oil and gas production stopped. It makes no sense to blame someone in particular, everyone turned out to be completely unprepared for an extreme situation. But the roots of the problem lie even deeper - at the beginning of this century, the state authorities decided to physically disconnect from the country's energy system, to become isolated and independent. Texas, in comparison with other states, is incredibly rich in energy resources of all kinds, it will provide itself with everything you need. And now it turned out that there is nowhere to wait for help in case of trouble.

Electricity in Texas in a few days has become a luxury that cannot be afforded even where it still exists. Due to a shortage of resources, electricity prices have skyrocketed by 10, 000%: for example, if a full refueling of a Tesla Model S used to cost $ 20, now it is $ 1, 900. And they have nowhere to go - a blizzard covered all the southern states of the United States, where infrastructure and energy were also powerless in the face of a natural disaster.