DARPA develops goggle-sized night vision system

DARPA initiates a program to create a multispectral advanced military night vision system - ENVision. In the future, it will replace bulky night vision systems with light and comfortable glasses that resemble the usual ones.

The first night vision systems were developed on the eve of World War II, but their use began in the 60s. Despite numerous improvements over the past decades, night vision technology is still far from perfect. The main disadvantage of these devices is their large size and weight, despite the fact that the “picture” that the user sees is still one third of that visible to the naked eye.

The ENVision program will leverage the latest advances in photonics and optical materials to replace complex electronics with a single flat lens. In particular, planar optics, new materials for detecting light and technologies for its interaction with matter will be used.

In addition, in the process of implementing the program, specialists will consider the possibility of using thin materials for direct transfer of photons from the infrared to the visible, excluding the traditional optical processing system.