Google artificial intelligence will help the blind to run

Google is testing an artificial intelligence system that enables blind and visually impaired people to run independently. This is the Project Guideline research program, which is at an early stage of development. With its implementation, visually impaired people will become more independent, since in order to participate in races, they no longer need a sighted partner or a guide dog.

To use the system, you need to fasten your Android phone to your waist on a special belt developed by Google, and download the Project Guideline app, which will use your smartphone's camera to track the movement along the planned route.

Once launched, the app sends audio signals to the bone conduction headphones. When the runner deviates from the route, the application starts sending sound signals, and the greater the deviation, the stronger the signal sounds. No Internet connection is required.

Project Guideline is a joint development of Google and Thomas Panek, CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a network of training dog schools, and at the same time a great jogger. He plans to join efforts with other interested organizations to create special courses for the adaptation of the visually impaired to various conditions.