Esports Academy Opens in USA to Help Gamers Monetize Their Hobby

In the United States, the organization "Centry Academy of Gaming and Esports" (CAGE) has appeared, which promises to teach esports players how to capitalize on their hobby and turn it into a full-fledged profession. According to polls by Limelight Networks, more than half of all respondents aged 18 to 35 dream of an esports career. Among those who play at a high level and work in another field, at least 35% are ready to quit their main job if they can earn enough money from games.

The main problem of esportsmen, according to the founders of CAGE, is the lack of business skills. For example, a streamer with an interesting channel today can receive up to $ 5 per viewer while streaming a match online. He already has subscribers, the account goes to tens of thousands, but he lacks time management skills. He does not know how much time a day to train, broadcast, when to communicate with the audience, record a video, how to negotiate with clients. He acts on a whim, without business planning, and therefore receives less profit.

The esports industry is booming right now, and any qualified specialists are in demand in it. For example, a skilled announcer earns up to $ 1000 for coverage of each match. A good coach, depending on the direction, can earn $ 80 thousand per year. But for this it is not enough to thoroughly know the game, strategies and gaming tricks, you also need to be able to work with people, organize a training program, etc.

CAGE is currently recruiting its first course of hundreds of students, creating a curriculum and developing a financial model. It will be possible to study in four specialties: player, coach, streamer and announcer. But in the future, the list of professions will be expanded, hybrid specializations will appear, etc. Classes will begin in October of this year, for a start, according to an experimental scheme with a token payment.