Goodyear reCharge tire will be able to repair itself

Goodyear is renowned for its commitment to tire innovation, but the new concept exceeds expectations. The developers presented the reCharge tire, which not only does not wear out with use, but even gets better. She gains experience and changes herself in order to more efficiently complete the task - but she does not do it for free.

The company talks about the concept as an intelligent device, it even somewhat resembles a living being, as it needs "power" - the use of consumables. With the help of sensors, the tire estimates the degree of its wear and consumes a strictly metered amount of the substance, which is used to restore the worn part. The user only needs to change the capsules with consumables, which are simply inserted into the grooves in the reCharge hub - nothing complicated.

The working substance here is synthetic rubber, reinforced with fibers made of a material resembling spider silk - very durable and just as light. The mixture is in liquid form and flows through microchannels from the capsule to the outside of the tire, where it instantly solidifies on contact with air. The highlight is that an intelligent system distributes this mixture literally drop by drop, repairing not the entire tire, but only problem areas. If you do not get into accidents, the reCharge bus can be used almost indefinitely.

The authors of the concept argue that the smart system will even be able to adapt to the owner's driving style and change the tire so that it is more convenient for him to drive his car. True, no one specifies whether the recovery process takes place on the go or whether the car needs to be arranged for preventive work. And how much such a unique substance for a tire can cost, what its consumption will be, Goodyear has not yet reported.