Meet Open Source Nuclear Reactor Blueprints

The American non-profit organization "Energy Impact Center" announced its intention to make available drawings, diagrams and all the necessary documentation for the construction of personal nuclear reactors. We are talking about a peaceful atom, private nuclear power plants of low power. Most of the project is ready, but there are difficulties with the infrastructure, which the enthusiasts are invited to solve on their own.

Engineer and innovator Brett Kugelmass, founder of the Energy Impact Center, is a proponent of cheap, affordable energy. As such, he sees precisely nuclear energy, which should replace energy from hydrocarbons. Since 2017, he has been developing standard designs for universal reactors that should be available to everyone.

The project description states that it is based on the proven technology of a pressurized water reactor, with a power limit of 100 MW. The cost of one reactor is $ 50 million, however, the project provides for a 20% run-up of the price, depending on the engineering equipment of a particular nuclear power plant. It is assumed that the station itself will be extremely simplified so that any contractors can start building it.

The bottleneck of the project, as the organization itself admits, is the lack of permits and regulations for regulating such activities. Although in the same USA, almost all nuclear power plants were built with funds from private companies, safety standards and supervision are left to the state. And the officials still have no idea how to react at all to the project of a "small private nuclear power plant" at each farm. Therefore, the drawings are planned to be made publicly available - maybe someone will find a solution and be able to build a nuclear power plant in their backyard, launching a wave of precedents?