The most efficient battery in the world gives a smartphone five days of use

A team of scientists from Monach University in Australia has developed the most efficient lithium-sulfur battery to date, capable of keeping a smartphone running for five days. In the EV version, it delivers nearly 1, 000 kilometers on a single charge.

In addition, the new battery has environmental characteristics that meet the highest international standards and is much cheaper to manufacture than standard models.

The secret behind the unique power supply is that the researchers have been able to transform the particle bonds in the sulfur cathodes, allowing them to handle higher loads without compromising performance or stability.

At this stage, the team is busy bringing their product to the market, for which it will have to improve its design. So far, the most serious drawback of the battery is the complexity of its mass production in large volumes. A pilot series of batteries has now been manufactured and will be tested on electric vehicles and mobile networks in Australia at the end of this year.

Sulfur electrode structure