Airbnb will search for psychopaths among customers using artificial intelligence

Airbnb says it will use a new smart customer rating system to weed out potentially unwanted individuals. These include both people with obvious psychological disabilities and those who exhibit the qualities of narcissism or Machiavellianism. This will keep landlords safe and safe from unnecessary risk.

The analysis of clients is based on the artificial intelligence tool Trooly, which Airbnb bought back in 2017. What upgrades were carried out, what algorithms does AI use, what are the selection criteria - all this is classified information. The official website states that the system processes "hundreds of signals", such as data on past convictions, fines for traffic violations, provocative publications on social networks.

It is difficult to say how effective such a mechanism will be for predicting the behavior of new customers. But for Airbnb, the question is different - the service has been trying for many years to minimize the problem of damage to accommodation by guests, and therefore any means in solving the problem are good. Sometimes it is better to play it safe and simply refuse a suspicious candidate than to deal with the consequences of an error later.