Brazil builds high-tech house from mining waste

Brazilian architecture studio Gustavo Penna Arquiteto e Associados (GPA & A), with technical support from the metallurgical company Gerdau, has erected an unusual Sustentable House. It is built entirely from recycled mining waste. The house serves as an example of a new concept Gerdau, which brought social projects, as well as environmental and production optimization issues to its agenda.

"Sustentable House" is a complex engineering structure and not cheap at all, moreover, the project has an individual character, and therefore there is no talk of mass construction of housing from waste. This is both a textbook and a source of pride, the company's achievements.

The best specialists of the Department of Mining Engineering of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) worked to turn the waste from the mine into convenient building materials. A team of 30 people has created what can claim to be an architectural masterpiece. Rough masonry, an open floor plan with a minimum of finishing, industrial racks with cables - Sustentable House uses all the techniques of a modern approach to housing design.

The building has several bedrooms, a kitchen and living room, a huge glass wall, but no air conditioning. Instead, the walls provide useful shade, and the window system provides passive ventilation even in calm weather. Energy sources for the home are the sun, wind and a bioreactor to generate methane, water is accumulated from natural precipitation, heated by solar heat, and wastewater is processed into compost.