The world's best flight simulator designed for F-35 pilots only

Someday, F-35 pilots from all countries will be able to unite to jointly carry out virtual missions using network simulators. And in this case, they will be served by Distributed Learning Technology (DMT).

According to Defense News, the first location where such a simulator will be deployed will be Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Distributed learning technology is being developed by Lockheed Martin to combine flight simulators scattered around the world into something that resembles a video game that can be used by active military pilots to practice actions in real combat missions.

The reason for the appearance of DMT is the exorbitant high cost of real F-35 flights. One flight hour of this fighter costs $ 44, 000. Thus, the training of flight elements on the simulator becomes mandatory, while the main condition should be its maximum realism.

Currently, simulators allow four F-35 pilots of the same flight to join forces in a virtual duel. With the help of DMT, they will be able to coordinate their actions with the actions of pilots from other bases. In the future, the system can be expanded to include other types of aircraft, for example, F-22, F-16 or E-3 Sentry (AWACS aircraft).

Nellis Air Force Base will be equipped with DMT in early 2020, and later the system will be deployed to other bases around the world. There is, however, a small nuance: the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps are armed with three different versions of the F-35, which makes it impossible for them to jointly participate in virtual flights. Therefore, each of these branches of the armed forces will have their own "profile" simulators.