China completes construction of the country's most unusual concert hall

More recently, the news of an unusual project from China called "Chapel of Sound" has come. We are talking about a new concert hall, which is very reminiscent of ... a rock.

The Chapel of Sound is being built in cooperation with the engineering firm Arup. It is located in the countryside north of Beijing, near the Great Wall of China. The goal of the project is to attract new residents to this sparsely populated area of ​​China.

Building area - 790 sq. meters, it will house a semi-open amphitheater, an open-air stage, observation decks and several additional office premises.

The building is constructed of concrete and a mixture of crushed local rocks, which gives it a natural look. The work is carried out continuously around the clock. To date, the builders have already started pouring concrete for the roof.

The structure of the Chapel of Sound consists of two interconnected concrete shells. The exterior of the building has an inverted conical shape, which provides the smallest surface contact area.

The shape of the inner shell is mainly determined by the problems of acoustics, here solid surfaces prevail. Thanks to them, sounds are reflected, and holes in some walls serve as absorbers of acoustic waves.

These holes have another purpose: when there is no performance, visitors to the hall can see the sun's rays through them and hear the sounds of nature - birdsong, insects chirping, the wind blowing and the sound of rain.

Currently, construction is temporarily suspended due to the onset of winter frosts. Work will resume at the beginning of next year and be completed by the middle of it.