Pirelli Cyber ​​Tire is the world's first smart tire with 5G

The automotive technology of the future is a unified world of traffic, in which all participants exchange traffic information among themselves in real time. Pirelli's latest Cyber ​​Tire is another step in that direction. It is the first bus in the world that, when connected to a 5G communication channel, can provide traffic information as part of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - ADAS (driver assistance while driving and parking).

Pirelli's smart tires could eventually become part of an ecosystem of active and passive road safety technologies to help self-driving cars of today and tomorrow.

The unique development of Pirelli is the fruit of cooperation with Ericsson, Audi, Tim, Italdesign and the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology. Its presentation took place as part of the 5G Path of Car-to-Everything Communication event held in Turin, Italy.

This technology will find application in the future in monitoring tire models, monitoring mileage, dynamic load, monitoring the presence of water on the asphalt or other potentially dangerous situations that can lead to loss of traction.