In the fight against the unbearable heat in Qatar, they began to install air conditioners on the streets

Qatar is one of the hottest countries in the world. At night, the temperature here rarely drops below +32, and during the day it can reach almost +50 ° C. In response to this, the country's government made a very non-trivial decision - to install air conditioners in open areas: stadiums, markets and shopping centers.

On the one hand, air conditioners, albeit for a short time, reduce the ambient temperature, giving people a refreshing coolness. However, the growing number of air conditioners in operation is consuming a huge amount of energy, which is produced by power plants that run primarily on hydrocarbons, which further accelerates the pace of climate change.

Recall that the countries that signed the Paris Agreement pledged to prevent the average world temperature rise by 2 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, Qatar has already exceeded this threshold. According to Zeke Hausfater, renowned Earth climate expert at the University of Berkeley, "Climate change in Qatar makes it possible to understand what the rest of the world will face if we do not take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."