Giant 3D printer produces world's largest printed boat

Three world records were set by specialists from the Center for Advanced Structures and Composites at the University of Maine. Using the world's largest polymer 3D printer, they made the world's largest "printed" boat, which also turned out to be the world's largest solid object created using this technology. All of the above records are in the Guinness Book of Records.

After the boat, named 3Dirigo, 7.62 meters long and 2268 kg in weight, was ready, it was solemnly lowered into the experimental pool of the oceanographic laboratory Alfond W2 Ocean Engineering University of the University.

As reported in a press release, this is far from the largest object that can be manufactured using a unique printer. He is capable of printing objects measuring 30 x 7 x 3 m.

Several applications have been developed for him, and a queue has already formed of those wishing to print the thing of interest to them. Specifically, the US Army would like to build a shelter system for soldiers that could be deployed in a matter of seconds.