The Other Bar will be sold with a free blockchain token

In the UK, they invented a chocolate bar, with which you will receive a blockchain token. It can be “spent” as a reward to a farmer who grows cocoa beans, or used as a discount on the next purchase.

While The Other Bar is essentially a simple chocolate bar, it is also a social experiment. Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency fund FairChain has pledged that each tile will have real collateral in the form of funds that would otherwise go to marketing.

The idea of ​​The Other Bar is to turn the product into an “engine of progress”, giving users the opportunity to participate in the development of the economic system.

In this case, farmers from Ecuador who grow cocoa beans will be the first to feel the support. According to the authors of the project, they intend to leave in this country up to 50% of the profits from the sale of chocolate, instead of the usual 7%, as in the case of other brands.

The project developers hope to inspire other companies to spend their marketing budget on various social programs, thereby confirming their effectiveness as a business model. The first 20, 000 token chocolates will go on sale on October 14th.