Google offers a fantastic virtual tour of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is one of the most popular sights of Paris, visited by millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Unfortunately, it remains inaccessible to millions of others. The solution to this problem was suggested by modern technologies.

Google and Château de Versailles have teamed up to organize a virtual tour of the royal residence of Louis XIV using a virtual reality system. This is the largest photogrammetric project covering 21 rooms with an area of ​​35442.5 sq. meters. HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users can view over 100 sculptures, paintings and other works of art in virtual reality. Moreover, all these objects have incredible detail.

Google specialists collected more than 4 TB of data and textured 15 billion pixels. The application allows you to take a guided tour of the royal apartments, the opera house, the royal chapel, the Hall of Mirrors and other famous parts of Versailles.

If you don't have a Vive or Rift headset, you can visit the online exhibition, which features over 390 objects, including art, historical artifacts and paintings. The exhibit and app are now available on Google on the Arts & Culture website.