McDonald’s buys up artificial intelligence developers for its global network

McDonald's has announced its intention to acquire a Silicon Valley startup Apprente. He specializes in creating artificial intelligence voice platforms for complex, multilingual, multi-level and multi-element dialogues. They want to use this advanced development to replace human employees who take orders from customers.

The fast food industry is a tough and exhausting job. AI, unlike humans, never gets tired, works around the clock and does not make mistakes when placing an order. By the way, McDonald's has already bought another intelligent system - a forecasting complex from Dynamic Yield for $ 300 million. It analyzes the situation in 8000 American restaurants of the brand in real time in order to quickly optimize their work.

The success with Dynamic Yield has been so great that the system will be rolled out to all of the company's restaurants, not only in the US, but also in Australia by the end of this year. And Apprente will be able to provide McDonald's with another advantage - its AI understands human speech in a "street" environment. That is, when clients speak with different accents, use slang, pronounce words with mistakes - and all this against a background of various noises. How this is implemented is a trade secret, but it is known that the developers have moved away from the traditional signal transcription scheme with subsequent word recognition. Instead, the extraction of information comes directly from the speech of the client.