In Chile, protesters disable police drone with hundreds of laser pointers

Amid the massive protests that have shaken Chile in recent days, an unusual episode took place - demonstrators disabled a police drone by pointing hundreds of laser pointers at it.

The Chileans are not the first to use lasers against the police. Earlier, demonstrators in Hong Kong with their help began to disable surveillance cameras. Moreover, in a more powerful version, this technology has long been used in the armies of some states to combat drones.

And yet, in this case, we are not talking about burning the UAV. According to the online publication Nextgov, the lasers either blinded the ground operator's camera or disrupted the drone's built-in height sensors, forcing it into an emergency descent.

According to Christopher Williams, general director of the military-technical contractor Citadel Defense Company, Christopher Williams, the idea of ​​massive use of laser pointers in the fight against the police will not become a general trend, since there are much more destructive and easily scalable technologies for eliminating drones. However, hardly anything can compete with simple, affordable and, as it turned out, very effective laser pointers.