Pentagon develops new laser technology for transmitting sound commands

As reported by the Military Times newspaper, Pentagon specialists are working on the creation of combat systems that use lasers to transmit sound signals and even human speech over long distances to specific people. Currently, a number of projects are devoted to methods of influencing the crowd using laser and plasma technologies. The technical details of the operation of these systems are still unknown.

However, officials say the projects are long-term and that a laser capable of transmitting sound signals through walls will not be built until five years from now.

In turn, the publication Live Science informs that as technology develops, "sound" lasers will be installed on combat aircraft and other vehicles to suppress riots.

“Today, I can put the laser anywhere, and the range won't matter, ” said project lead Dave Lowe in an interview with The Times. "Aim the plasma at the target, power it up, and you get a beep."