Pampers launches Lumi smart diaper line

Pampers has provided a response to competitors Huggies and their "smart diaper" Monit, which recently entered the market in South Korea. In contrast, the development of Pampers Lumi represents a whole complex for monitoring an infant. It includes diapers, activity sensors, a video surveillance camera, a baby monitor and an application for collecting data on key parameters of a baby's activity.

The first and main disadvantage of Lumi is the need to use a specific diaper model. On other moisture detectors, the outer strip, which changes its color, will be too narrow - the Logitech camcorder will not notice how it will darken when the material gets wet. And this is a signal for both parents and the intelligent system that it is time to change the diaper. The filling information is automatically entered into the database for medical purposes.

Two activity sensors attached to the diaper track the quality of sleep and the level of anxiety of the baby. The camera checks their signals, and itself is used to view the children's bedroom. The data goes through the baby monitor and is automatically encrypted and can only be accessed via the Pampers smartphone app. A regular home Wi-Fi network is used to transfer information.

Due to the binding to a specific model, Lumi diapers are only suitable for babies under the age of one year and they have a restriction on the weight of the baby. But parents and pediatricians will receive an almost exhaustive amount of information about the behavior and health of the baby. How he sleeps, how he goes to the toilet, how he is awake, with an accuracy of seconds and the ability to compare different factors with each other. The price of the new system is still unknown.