World's first VR massage parlor opens in Los Angeles

On Friday, July 5, the first visitors will cross the threshold of Los Angeles's first virtual reality massage center - Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Center. During the massage, they will be offered 10 types of relaxation in the form of a virtual visit to the sauna, a pond with koi carp at a seaside resort or a ski lodge with a burning fireplace.

The staff of the center promises to fill the room with aromas "diluted" with a cool breeze. It is worth clarifying that the massage will be quite real, but in the "performance" of a special massage chair. Esqapes is housed in the SAG-Aftra building, better known as the House of the Screen Actors Guild, whose members know firsthand about fictional worlds.

Esqapes does not offer visitors the services of a "live" massage therapist, as, for example, on the beaches of the Caribbean coast, but it guarantees a few minutes of peace and relaxation from the bustle of the metropolis.