Arby restaurant chain unveils world's first turkey carrots

Fast food restaurants such as Burger King regularly include lean vegetable substitutes on their menus. In defiance of them, the American restaurant chain Arby presented something completely opposite - a vegetable dish made from meat.

The new culinary trend was named Megetables, and the very first dish was called Marrot. Its main feature is that it looks and tastes like a carrot, although it is made from turkey breast. Marrot contains 30 grams of protein and all the nutrients found in carrots, including 70% of the recommended vitamin A.

The cooking process consists of cutting and shaping the turkey into a carrot shape. To do this, the meat must be wrapped in cheesecloth and a sealed plastic wrap, after which the semi-finished product is subjected to a special vacuum treatment using the sous-vide technology. Next, the product is rolled out in carrot juice and fried for an hour.

Those who wish to try "Marrot" can try to repeat the specified recipe. Arby itself plans to create other meat-based vegetable substitutes.