Artificial intelligence "Glitch" has developed an author's line of women's clothing

Pinar Yanardag and Emily Salvador met on a course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the use of neural networks in creative projects. Their academic success prompted them to go further and found Glitch, a company that revolves around bringing AI-powered clothing concepts to life. One of the first major startup projects was a series of new women's clothing.

“Most people don't have access to neural networks, and that's wrong, ” argue Yanardag and El Salvador. Working with them requires high-performance systems and the ability to handle them. There is no unified and intuitive interface here. Therefore, yesterday's students have developed their own tool called "Glitch".

"Glitch" is a machine learning system, artificial intelligence that can simulate various types of clothing and wardrobe items based on user ideas. He is not able to completely come up with a new dress and design its patterns, human intervention is needed both at the beginning of work, and in assessing the results, and for the very implementation of the concept, that is, sewing the dress. This was key - the Glitch was designed specifically as a human tool, not a machine in its own right.

The main customers of dresses from AI "Glitch" are women working in the field of IT, science, high technologies. Those who understand the ins and outs of the process and who like to be involved in progress using clothes from an AI designer. You can order a dress from "Glitch" through the project website.