The snow-TENG electric generator generates energy from falling snow

Snowflakes, despite their tiny size and weight (about 5 mm in diameter with a weight of 0, 004 g), are sources of energy. Scientists at the University of California have been able to create the snow-TENG device that takes advantage of this property. His work is based on capturing the positive charges of falling snowflakes.

The new device belongs to the class of devices with extremely low output power. One of the creators of snow-TENG - Maher Al-Qadi explains how it works:

When you walk on a carpet, electric charges are transferred from the carpet to your body absolutely painlessly. But as soon as you touch the metal door handle, you get a very sensitive electric shock. We have implemented a similar mechanism in our device.

Scientists hope that further development of snow-TENG will provide power for portable weather stations or keep electronic devices running during a blizzard when solar power is not available.