Amazon offers $ 25 to anyone who agrees to 3D scan their body

E-commerce giant Amazon has come up with an unusual way to get a $ 25 gift card. To do this, any buyer needs to do ... a digital 3D scan of his body.

The event is part of the Amazon Real World Image Study program by New York startup Body Labs, acquired by Amazon two years ago. Body Labs' core business is 3D visualization.

Amazon's share of the fashion market has grown significantly in recent years. According to Coresight Research, Jeff Bezos is currently the most successful apparel retailer in the United States. She owns her own brand and clothing subscription service.

The registration page for the new service states that Amazon will take 3D scans, photographs and videos of study participants in casual and "tight" clothing. You will also need to fill out a questionnaire.

Height and weight measurements are taken at the same time. According to the company, the data collected is “intended solely for internal research” and will not be used for marketing purposes. The scan will take place at one of Amazon's New York offices for 30 minutes, after which each volunteer will receive a $ 25 company gift card.