How to make engine fuel from kombucha

Brew Dr., a subsidiary of the Portland-based Townshend's Tea Company, has developed a technology for converting tea into biofuel. It is based on the well-known scheme of growing kombucha with the subsequent production of ethanol from it.

Step 1: Brew a strong sweet tea, then strain the liquid through a 500 micron filter to remove any solid fragments.

Step 2: Yeast and bacteria are added to the tea, then the substance is fermented in large tanks for 2-4 weeks. It turns out kombucha.

Step 3: The mushroom is heated to 40 °, placed in a centrifuge and started to rotate. This allows you to squeeze out almost all the ethanol from it, and get a neutral liquid at the exit - "empty", unsaturated tea, which can still be used for its intended purpose.

Step 4: The collected ethanol is cooled and stored, and when the required volume has accumulated, it is distilled until it reaches 40% ABV.

Step 5: The ethanol is additionally fermented using corn liquor, its strength is increased, and the corn is filtered off and a clear solution is obtained.

Step 6: Ethanol is blended with gasoline in a 9: 1 ratio and sent to gas stations in Portland.