DARPA begins creating AI to control unmanned fighters

DARPA has taken the initiative to develop artificial intelligence capable of performing the function of a wingman in group air combat, which will cover the "living" pilots from the rear.

This AI is supposed to equip drones or robotic fighters. According to representatives of DARPA, the main responsibility for the outcome of air combat will remain with the pilots. However, if AI can eventually master the same abilities, then the computer's speed and memory will become invaluable assistants to pilots.

DARPA initiated the Air Warfare Development (ACE) program, which is designed for the so-called "mosaic war", based on the interaction of combat crews with machine intelligence.

In its current form, the ACE program will teach AI to fight at the level of cadet pilots. First, he will be taught the basic rules of fighting, after which he will learn simple one-on-one combat scenarios, and then move on to more complex options. At the same time, the pilot-instructors on board the autonomous aircraft will be able to assess and control the level of combat skill of the AI.

According to DARPA experts, the goal of the program is to develop the AI's ability to operate in conditions as close to combat conditions as possible, and to improve the interaction between it and fighter pilots.