Artificial intelligence has developed a new whiskey recipe for the first time in history

Scottish distillery Mackmyra has announced a joint venture with Microsoft and Fourkind, a Finnish technology company. They intend to instruct artificial intelligence to develop a new whiskey recipe in order to bring to the market a product that has no analogues. Production starts this fall and will likely require at least 3 standard years of aging before the whiskey can be tasted by the sommelier.

Microsoft provides the Azure platform with its computing power and its artificial intelligence technologies. Mackmyra feeds into the project a 20-year dataset of whiskey production, which includes not only successful and failed recipes, but also a wealth of marketing information, including data on the activities of competitors. Fourkind will help you put all the elements together so that AI can develop about 70 million new recipes, and then choose the best options from them.

“The recipe for whiskey will create AI, but based on the experience and knowledge of real people, ” explains Angela D'Orazio, lead distiller Mackmyra, “And decisions will also be made by people. They are also responsible for making the drink. " Allowing machines to take jobs from people in this area is out of the question. But this is a controversial claim - IntelligentX, Carlsberg and Champion Brewing are already experimenting with machine learning systems to optimize production processes.

The first, trial whiskey recipe from the new AI was a golden yellow single malt drink with herbal notes of anise, citrus, ginger, white pepper, spicy taste with a dry aftertaste.