American actor James Dean, who died in 1955, gets a role in a new film

American actor James Dean died in a car accident in 1955 at the age of 24. However, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, viewers will soon see him in the new movie Finding Jack. A miraculous "resurrection" will happen with the help of computer graphics (CGI). Dean's voice will be played by another actor.

The plot of the film is based on Gareth Crocker's book about 10, 000 dogs thrown into the heat of the Vietnam War. Dean, as American soldier Rogan, is not the main character. According to director Anton Ernst, he and his colleagues had to search for a suitable actor for several months, but in the end they came to the conclusion that no one could cope with this role better than the late James Dean.

The production company Magic City Films obtained the rights to use Dean's appearance from his family. After that, together with the Canadian studio VFX Imagine Engine and the South African company VFX MOI Worldwide, the team began to recreate the image of the long-dead actor using CGI technology. Filming is slated to start this month, and will be released in 2020.

The use of such "resurrection" in the making of the film caused a mixed reaction among American filmmakers. In particular, the daughter of the famous Hollywood actor Robin Williams (1951-2014), Zelda Williams, considers such a "revival" terrible. She was joined by her colleague Chris Evans, who was more adamant:

“Maybe the computer will draw us another work by Picasso or write a couple of new tunes by John Lennon. They just don't know what they are doing, it's a shame. "

Who will be right as a result, apparently, the audience will decide.