has already sold 19 books entirely written and designed by artificial intelligence, an online science fiction store, has recently hit Amazon, and 19 books have already been sold. The interesting thing about this fact is that all of these books are the work of artificial intelligence. The authors of the project, artist Andreas Refsgaard and student Mikkel Luze from Copenhagen decided to conduct an experiment and see how AI can cope with such a large-scale task.

The idea of ​​a bookstore turned out to be very convenient, because neural networks already exist for generating literary texts, a system for creating reviews, drawing covers, drawing portraits of non-existent reviewers. Refsgaard and Luze did not develop their own AI, they used public platforms like char-rnn. And in this project there is no control system, instead, each neural network acts in isolation, like a separate employee who has been assigned a task.

The works that are sold in the online store are called by readers "the most sophisticated examples of algorithmically generated creativity." In other words, this is literary delusion, in which you can find meaning if you want. The same goes for book covers and reviews - they are unambiguously connected with the text, but what this connection is, only the AI ​​itself understands. For example, in one of the critical reviews, the neural network coined the word "Knodung" and often referred to it without explaining the meaning of the term itself.

As the authors of the idea admit, for the sake of such "artifacts" generated by AI, they started this project. They were interested to see how AI creativity will develop in conditions of complete freedom from human opinion. Regarding sales, there were big doubts that such books would even be allowed on Amazon. However, they used another neural network to calculate price tags and sales conditions, and they started buying the product. It is possible that we are faced with the birth of the first AI writer in history - a mediocre, but in-demand.