Vegetable eggs were first used in fast food

Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons has signed an agreement with JUST Inc. for the supply of a product that is analogous to chicken eggs. It is entirely made from proteins extracted from plant materials, and has nothing to do with chicken or meat food. And this is far from the first such step - there is a growing trend towards the transition of public catering to an "alternative to meat".

Eggs that JUST Inc. will supply Tim Hortons restaurants made from mung beans, also known as mung beans or Asian beans. According to the manufacturer, beans and eggs contain approximately the same proteins, and therefore, when extracted and processed, they will have a similar effect on the human body. Simply put, it is nutritious and safe - and giving a dish the desired taste has not been a problem for a long time.

However, there is a caveat - such ersatz eggs can only be used for omelets, you cannot fry the classic scrambled eggs, the product has the wrong texture. And they are not suitable for baking, so Tim Hortons will not be able to add them to their signature sweet buns. It is unlikely that this will greatly embarrass them, because in May they started selling sandwiches with artificial sausage produced by Beyond Meat. In early summer, "fake" cutlets appeared, and after the news about eggs, the brand's representatives promised to add new types of "alternative meat" products every quarter.