On Amazon you can buy a house-constructor, which is erected in 8 hours by two people

Even the first European settlers in the vastness of today's Kansas realized that there was no point in spending money on capital buildings in the region, where you risk being caught in the path of a tornado every year. Better to have a secure basement and a cheap upstairs house that is easy to renovate or rebuild. Since then, nothing has changed - which is why e-commerce giant Amazon now offers ready-made quick-build houses.

The idea is to get a comfortable and functional building at a minimum cost, while maintaining the potential for rebuilding or modernization. This is not a hut or a shed, but a full-fledged house, a structure with one room and a veranda under a common roof. The area of ​​the building is about 18 sq. m., ceiling height 2.5 m, open and closed parts are approximately equal in size.

Such a house costs $ 7250, comes in the form of a set of ready-made parts, is assembled by two people in 8 hours. Without professional tools, equipment and site preparation. It remains only to supply utilities: electricity, water supply, communications. The house will withstand bad weather, but not the extreme vagaries of the climate.