Burger King Announces 21st Century Synthetic Meat Whopper

Burger King, the largest fast food chain, has entered into an agreement with the creators of "antimeat", the company Impossible Foods, to supply its products for the new dish "Impossible Whopper". Over the past few years, these cutlets with imitation meat, but without one inside, have already found widespread use in the United States. The alliance with Burger King is sure to be a breakthrough in pushing for a move away from the meat industry.

According to the representatives of Impossible Foods themselves, their goal is to reduce the volume of meat production and thereby minimize the harmful impact on the environment. It is no coincidence that in the description of the cutlet for the new wapper, the following parameters were taken to the first place: When it was created, 75% less water was used, 95% less land was used and 87% less greenhouse gases were produced than when producing a cutlet of the same size from beef.

Impossible Foods has developed a technology to extract the protein hema from soy, which, when mixed with fillers and substitutes, accurately mimics the taste of meat. The chemists of the company even managed to preserve the feeling of satiety, and the raw "cutlet" bleeds and it also needs to be fried before eating, like meat. The similarities are so great that some restaurants even offer customers bonuses if they guess correctly which cutlet is real and which is artificial.

Initially, meat-free whoppers will start selling at 59 outlets in St. Louis, but by the end of the year, they could be on the menu of all Burger King restaurants in the US.