Futuristic OnMed booth replaces doctor visit

Online medical consultations are gradually becoming a part of our life. However, so far they are just an intermediate link in the treatment process, since one conversation or text message is clearly not enough. To enhance the effect of the doctor's presence, the new OnMed station is designed, equipped with HD cameras and various sensors, which is also capable of dispensing medications as prescribed by the doctor.

OnMed is a small station or booth from which they can communicate with a doctor remotely. In addition to an external examination using video and audio equipment, the doctor receives information about the patient's basic physical parameters - height, weight, BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, respiration and blood oxygen saturation. The "booth" also creates a thermal "picture" of body temperature and diagnoses the presence of infections in the body.

At the end of the consultation, OnMed dispenses medicines from its stock, which includes hundreds of the most common medicines. If the necessary funds are not available, OnMed will print the prescription for the pharmacy. By the way, there are also narcotic drugs in the “bank” of medicines, which are kept in a special “safe automated storage”.

During a communication session in OnMed, confidentiality measures are carefully observed: the booth is reliably closed from prying eyes and ears. A 3D face recognition system is used to identify subscribers. According to the developer's representatives, the consultation takes no more than 15 minutes.

OnMed will hit the US this year. Places of their installation will be colleges, offices of large companies, airports and hotels.