Norwegian social scheme recycles up to 97% of plastic bottles

According to The Guardian, the Norwegian company Infinitum's plastic waste recycling scheme recycles up to 97% of all plastic bottles.

What's more, 92% of recycled containers are re-usable as beverage containers. In some cases, the system allows you to use this material up to 50 times.

What do the Norwegians offer? As the experiment showed, consumers of plastic containers had to be financially interested. The fact is that today it is cheaper to produce "new" plastic than to recycle "old".

The Norwegian model looks like this: a consumer who buys a plastic bottle is charged a small additional charge, equal to about 13-30 US cents. However, this money can be returned to your account. The first way is to "hand over" the used plastic bottle to a special assembly machine, having previously scanned the barcode.

The second way - the containers can be handed over to special collection points in stores and gas stations, after which you will receive discounts on some products. The organizations involved in the reception do not remain at a loss: they receive a small compensation for each plastic bottle.

Infinitum's scheme has already generated interest in Scotland, India, China and Australia. There is no doubt that it could be in demand in Russia as well.